The primary teaching of every religion? Don’t be an asshole.



fuck attractive people

that’s the plan

And it isn’t that I’m so unhappy I don’t want to live anymore. That’s not what it feels like. It feels more like I’m tired and bored and the party’s gone on too long and I want to go home. I feel flat and there doesn’t seem to be anything to look forward to, so I’d rather call it a day.
Nick Hornby, About a Boy (via larmoyante)

I talked to my siblings about dating girls in college and they’re cool with it and its cool
Idek if it’ll happen but in the event of its nice to know its accepted

Sometimes i find a guy unattractive because of his taste in girls

I’m such a fucking narcissist but what the hell else am I supposed to do when I’m always alone

Modern Baseball - The Weekend
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"You got a smile that could light this town and we might need it 
Cause it gets dark around here, real dark around here 
Most of my old friends I can only stand for the weekend 
But that doesn’t apply here, doesn’t apply here”

Johnny Hobo And The Freight Trains - Whiskey Is My Kind of Lullaby
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And I’ll drink myself to death

or at least, I’ll drink myself to sleep

Chain smoke my way through the gaps inbetween

My aspirations and my apathy

Johnny Hobo & The Freight Trains

I woke up in a magazine rack at one point last night




Looks like someone at Bob’s Burgers is a real Say Anything fan… 

Modern Baseball is so good I love just finding bands and falling in love with them

Dead Kennedys - Too Drunk to Fuck
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Dead Kennedys || Too Drunk to Fuck

I should have kissed you that night in my room.